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Offering services for dogs UP TO 40lbs.

Estimate does not include matted/tangled dogs or double coated breeds that are heavily shedding.  Listed prices are estimates only for regularly groomed pets and are not guaranteed to be exactly as shown. 

Creative Grooming:
Rhinestone Application: $4 per gem
Temporary Color: $15 for Mohawk, tail or ear highlights
Semi-Permanent Color: $25 Tail, $30 ears or pom poms
Leopard Print: $40 partial, $50-150 full body
Custom designs available and quoted on a case by case basis

Nail Services only
Minimum service calls are $60 and includes up to two nail trimming services.

Small dogs under 20lbs
Bubble bath: $65-85
BB plus trim*:$80-95
BB plus full clip: $100-135 
(Cocker Spaniels start at $135)

Medium dogs under 40lbs:
Bubble bath: $95-135
BB plus trim*:$115-145
BB plus full clip: $135-185

Doodles are classified as Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, double doodles, and Standard Poodles.

Bath and Doggie Works takes Doodles on a case by case basis and accepts doodles up to 60lbs. They must be willing and able to go up stairs and accustomed to the grooming process. Doodles are required to be on a 4-6 week schedule to maintain their complicated coats.
Full grooms start at $175. 

Bubble Bath Service includes:  Nail clipping and Grinding, ear cleaning, ear hair removal as needed, gland expressing as needed, custom shampoo/conditioner, silky serum, cologne/perfume and accessory.

* Trim consists of light trim on feet, eyes, and sanitary only.  

Full Clip includes all body hair, face, etc.

Please scroll down for additional add on services including matted/tangled pets.

Please Text with any questions

Add on Services:

dremil, mobile groomingNail grinding- Using a professional pet Dremil, nails are ground to their shortest possible length without pain.  This service works best for pets with very long nails.  With shorter nails, your pet will walk more comfortably and avoid premature arthritis in the toes. This service is included in a full groom.

furminator, groomingdog-furminator, groomingDe-Shedding - Reduces shedding up to 80% for 2-6 weeks depending on your pet. This service uses a shampoo to exfoliate and loosen dead hair, a conditioner to hyper moisturize the skin and further loosen dead hair.  Once the pet has been dried, we use the "Furminator" tool to remove hair from loose follicles.  This hair can not be removed with regular brushing, and it is completely painless with the "Furminator" tool.  This service is $10-50 depending on the size and condition of your dog. Full results can take 24-72 hours due to stress shedding. **This service gives maximum results when pets are groomed every 30 days or less when a new hair growth cycle starts.** 

silly nelly, grooming
Pet Handling - For pets that need extra handling time such as dogs that are nervous, overly hyper, elderly, or have a medical condition that requires more of our time.  We always want to make the mobile grooming experience pleasant for all dogs.  The fee starts at $20 per additional 15 minutes.


brushing and mattingTangled coats - If we decide your pet can gently and humanely be brushed out, the de-matting fee is $2 per additional minute.  Our regular grooming includes 15 minutes of brushing.

clipping, groomingMatted coats - When the coat is beyond brushing, it takes additional time to clip the matted hair off.  Our regular grooming includes 15-20 minutes of clipping time and it is $2/minute for additional time.  There is also a mandatory skin treatment ($10) which includes an itch relief shampoo with two hyper conditioning treatments to re-moisturize the skin. 

Text with any questions for your mobile groomer.